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Eoin Finn Returns!

Join Eoin Finn for this 3-class workshop on Friday November 21st & Saturday November 22nd!

There will be 3 classes: one on Friday evening and two on Saturday afternoon.
**You have the options of signing up for them individually at $45+gst/class OR for the 3-class package at $115+gst**

Friday November 21 @ 7-9pm: Vampire Love Bites: Advanced Hip Opening
Very few things feel as blissful as the release we get in a well-executed Hip Stretch. It is intense when we go deep into these hip openers; like a vampire is biting us, but when we come out of the pose we realize that we have gained Eternal Youth! In this workshop you will learn fresh insights using Blissology Yoga methodology. Learn how to relax and make those exquisite yet subtle adjustments to the pelvis that turn this bite into sweet nectar that you will learn to love. Let's create a great vibe together and make it hurt so good.

Saturday November 22 @ 1-3pm: Super Flow Surf Yoga
Flow is the essence of our being. It involves being present to every breath that we take and to our collective universal breath. In alignment-based flow yoga we move in a linear synchronicity, patterning our bodies to the alignment of yoga asanas. While this moving in a linear fashion is incredible learning and discipline, we tend to focus on this disciplined learning of movement, while ignoring our innate developmental movement patterns, the spiraling, circular forms of movement that are essential to our innate selves that we call "Super flow". Drawing inspiration from Yoga, ancient martial arts, dance, surfing, ski and snowboard maneuvers, Super Flow is an ecstatic form of movement. Set to music, it starts off slowly allowing ourselves to feel centered and open in our bodies. Gradually we build up in intensity, spiraling back in touch with the joy of movement.
Superflow is not a replacement of Yoga as we know it, but a powerful complement to the regular yoga practice. Offering a little more exuberance and a little less introverted energy. It complements static movements with rhythmic flow. You will sweat, release and feel the life force pulsing through you.

Saturday November 22 @ 4:30-6:30pm: The Big Chill: Hammockly Enlightened Restorative Yoga
Come and experience the joy of deep relaxation and "down-tempo" yoga. Enjoy a series of poses that are therapeutic to the body and calming to the mind. You will access a peace and joy that will send you straight off the "Blissometer". We will compliment the deep openings with pranayama and a hammockly-enlightened savasana. Don't miss the bliss.

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